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Valuation Report

It consists in the attribution of a value to a jewel, using parameters that are based on the real market conditions.

Any valuation that wants to be formulated in a reliable manner must be based on a correct technical expertise. The valuation involves market variables that are strictly connected to both materials and the type of production.

The valuation must also be set at a defined date and indicate the segment of the reference market. In general, the valuation can be of two types:

Business valuation: average retail value?Asset valuation: value at the first marketing level, which corresponds to the value of the materials plus the costs of recovering the materials themselves.

The evaluation can be carried out on both a jewel with modern aesthetic lines, and vintage.

When can a jewel be defined as antique? There is no precise date, but generally a jewel that is more than a hundred years old is considered antique. Of course, to define a jewel as antique, some evidence is needed that defines the date it was created.

The first step is, therefore, to define which era is a jewel. If you are not familiar with the history of the jewel, you can search through the internet (maybe consult for landmarks or jewels that resemble the one in your possession. The evaluation of your jewel can be requested by setting an appointment at our headquarters where there will be a team of expert goldsmiths able to offer the necessary assistance not only for a monetary evaluation of your asset but also to know its details and historical location.

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