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Technical Consultancy

The technical consultancy is the examination carried out by a qualified expert with the aim of attributing a set of parameters to a jewel that define it from an architectural and aesthetic point of view.

An evaluation carried out correctly is based on the analysis of the jewel in question:

– Type of metals used
– Type of production
– Historical dating
– Analysis of the state of use
– Analysis of embedded gems

A technical consultancy may or may not contain a valuation report. It’s generally requested for a jewel or a gem that has never been evaluated and whose owners or recipients (e.g. heirs, assignees and so on) intend or need to know the value, or to confirm the value of a jewel or gem since the time of purchase, or again, in a dispute, both judicial and extrajudicial, to fix the terms of a compensation or fraud.

The technical consultancy should be requested from an expert goldsmith estimator registered with the Chamber of Commerce to receive assistance in the following cases:

Opening of safety deposit boxes

for the evaluation of the precious content to be issued to the legitimate heirs according to the applicable law.

Hereditary Division

for the valuation of valuables bequeathed for a possible division into shares.

Appointment of CTP in civil and criminal cases

for valuations for valuables, subject to dispute between the parties in civil or criminal proceedings.


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