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Create and personalise your own jewel

It often happens to receive specific requests from people who want to know if it’s possible to make a jewel on commission, something unique in design, materials and gems. Creating personalised jewellery is a job that requires experience and skills, time and passion, but it’s the only way to obtain an ad hoc jewel and we at Caruso Jewellery strongly believe that this is the real job of the jeweller – to create extraordinary jewels from unique beauty, which is difficult to replicate.

In the initial stage of creating a jewel, the customer’s wishes, desires and what they really want to achieve are clarified. The jewellery, in this case, is like a custom-made clothing store – the work of creating a jewel on commission is like tailoring. Subsequently the jewel’s measures, weights and design are defined. Its creation can start after a correct stage of design and can continue through a laborious artisan handicraft.

Our craft workshop has specific equipment to make rubber (wax) based on the project agreed with the customer. This stage is not mandatory but is recommended for maximum precision.

All the various segments of the rubber jewel are then replaced by the chosen metal (Ag-Au-Pt) through a type of fusion called “lost-wax casting”. The wax is inserted into a mould and the molten material is poured through a hole at high temperature. The wax melts and the material chosen for the jewel takes its place.

After all the previous phases, to the goldsmith or to the cashier (person in charge to insert the gems on jewels) remains to set the stones previously chosen inside the segments. It is a delicate phase that requires a lot of experience and attention to the point of requiring many hours of meticulous and precise work.

At the end there is the cleaning and rhodium-plating phase of the desired jewel.

Rhodium plating is the surface treatment, by electrolysis, carried out by means of a salt of the rhodium. The treatment of rhodium is used to give color and shine to the artifact goldsmith.


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